I am on the academic job market for 2022 positions.
I am a research associate at University of Cambridge. I finished my Ph.D. in the Programming Languages Group at University of Hong Kong in 2021.
I had the pleasure to work with a lot of amazing people during my Ph.D. journey. Check out my wonderful collaborators!

I am a former research intern at DeepMind London (May-Sept 2021), and at the RiSE team at Microsoft Research Redmond (Jan-Aug 2020), and more previously a software engineer intern at Google Search in New York City (Aug-Nov 2019), and at Google Summer of Code (Haskell) (May-Aug 2018).

I am a steering committee member of the Haskell Symposium.


  • (Pinned) I am currently on the program committee of FLOPS 2022, TFP 2022, and ICFP 2022. Please consider submitting a paper!

  • 2022 Feb Will give an invited talk at Georgia Tech!

  • 2022 Jan New paper accepted at MLSys 2022.

  • 2021 Dec Gave an invited talk at EPFL. Thanks for the invite!

  • 2021 Nov New paper accepted at PEPM 2022.

  • 2021 Oct Will give an invited talk at Workshop on Dependable and Secure Software Systems at ETH. Please consider joining us!

  • 2021 Sept New work accepted at POPL 2022.

  • 2021 May Thrilled to share that Perceus won the ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award at PLDI 2021.

  • 2021 May New work accepted at ICFP 2021.

  • 2021 Mar New paper accepted at PLDI 2021.


  • First-class Names for Effect Handlers
    Ningning Xie, Youyou Cong, Daan Leijen

  • Union Types with Disjoint Switches
    Baber Rehman, Ningning Xie, Xuejing Huang, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira
    (draft available upon request)

  • Fusing Lexing and Parsing
    Neel Krishnaswami, Ningning Xie, Jeremy Yallop




  • Programming with Effect Handlers and FBIP in Koka
    Daan Leijen, Ningning Xie
    ICFP 2021 Tutorial


Invited Talks